Local Teachers

Karen Jaffe – Tangogypsies

Coming from an extensive background of theatre, gymnastics, and an eclectic mix of dance disciplines, discovering Argentine Tango in 1998 was like putting icing on the cake for me! Since then, I have been intensively studying with a variety of well known teachers, in a wide range of styles, both following and leading. I continue to seek out workshops and higher-level dance experiences when and where I can, including my annual voyage to Buenos Aires. The work of the dance and teaching allows me to express my passion and share that with others. I enjoy working with a variety of partners, as we continue to strive to bring new ideas and creativity to the dance itself, as well as to teach in a way that makes the dance accessible and enjoyable to all who are interested. The joy of dancing and teaching helps me to maintain my balance in life. After all, I believe the dance is a metaphor for life!

Visit Karen’s Website  for her class schedule and much more information.

Rick Harris – Blue Spiral Tango

Rick is a certified Tango instructor through La Escuela Argentina de Tango, a dance school recognized by the Argentine Cultural Society and located in Buenos Aires. Over the years he has made many trips to Argentina and studied with the best dancers and teachers in the art of Tango.For class schedule and more information visit the Blue Spiral Tango website.

Contact Rick through email.

Eric & Susannah Gebhart – TangoBreath

Eric & SusannahEric and Susannah began teaching TangoBreath in March 2011, after over six months of development, incorporating  influences from their backgrounds, including yoga, martial arts, ballet, weight training, and other dance forms.  They are grateful for the instruction and inspiration provided by many of their tango teachers and role models. Eric and Susannah have also been greatly inspired by the works of “movement specialists” such as Eric Franklin and Irene Dowd. Eric and Susannah’s teaching has also been compared to Feldenkrais. Eric and Susannah believe the best way to learn tango is through body awareness and proper bio-mechanics. To that end they have developed a two pronged approach of teaching both individual, and partnered movement and posture through their TangoBreath vinyasa flow of exercises and visualizations and their TangoLab class which concentrates on subtle, sensitive communication and movement within the embrace. The focus is more about movement and discovery, rather than steps. Eric and Susannah believe that the steps take care of themselves with proper posture and movement. Musical expression in the quality of movement is always present in their teaching.
Eric and Susannah believe that how we think, and what we visualize has a profound effect on how we move.They seek to help students find natural, powerful and graceful movement, sensitivity and subtlety, as well as their own creativity in their dance.  Eric and Susannah continue to study and explore the dance intensively, sharing their discoveries and journey wholeheartedly with their students.

For class schedule, events, articles, everyday challenges, and more, visit their tangobreath website.

Contact Eric and Susannah through their contact form or through email.

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